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RPAS Wilco

Fully automated site surveys for RPAS operations. The RPAS Wilco App puts you in control of your drone missions with an intuitive and user-friendly interface for creating site surveys. 

Why Use RPAS Wilco?

Site Surveys

RPAS Wilco streamlines the site survey process by leveraging authorized NAVCanada data. In a matter of minutes, your site survey is efficiently and accurately completed.


Checklists are imperative in aviation, and RPAS Wilco facilitates their seamless integration by digitizing them. This feature enables customization to align with your existing procedures

Record Keeping

RPAS Wilco offers a solution by allowing users to maintain digital flight records. Easily track pilots' flight time and manage maintenance records with this streamlined digital tool.

Enterprise Oversight 

Empowered by RPAS Wilco, Altohelix delivers a comprehensive turn-key solution for diverse operations. Featuring a robust safety management system, Wilco enables organizations to expand their endeavors while upholding a paramount level of safety. Equipped with pilot tracking and a cutting-edge safety report generator, Wilco stands as a trusted application for numerous professional organizations nationwide.

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