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FARO® Orbis™

Redefining Insights: Introducing the FARO® Orbis™ Mobile Scanner

FARO® Orbis™ is a unique mobile scanning solution created to optimize workflows and elevate productivity. Designed for construction, engineering and surveying professionals, Orbis delivers rapid speed of capture, while returning highly accurate 3D visual representations of the real world. Integrating FARO’s Flash Technology™ in Orbis allows for stationary scans in just 15 seconds and provides unrivalled detail from a mobile mapping solution.

Powered by GeoSLAM’s proprietary SLAM algorithm, it’s the evolutionary step for industry professionals looking to provide highly accurate deliverables faster, reduce human error and magnify overall efficiency. Embrace the power of hybrid mobile scanning with stationary Flash scanning capabilities and embark on a new journey to transform your projects with Orbis – the ultimate companion for modern scanning challenges.

The World’s Leading SLAM Algorithm

GeoSLAM’s proprietary SLAM algorithm drives Orbis and has been tried and tested in some of the most difficult environments, for over a decade. Constant innovation from customer input has led to the SLAM algorithm that continues to deliver and improve customer projects, in a myriad of industries.

Hybrid Reality Capture with FLASH Technology

Improve your mobile scanning quality with Hybrid Reality Capture powered by FARO’s proprietary Flash Technology. Previously unseen in a mobile scanning solution, Orbis offers mobile scanning and stationary scanning capabilities with Flash, delivering high quality, accurate, and dense datasets. It’s a combination of speed, data clarity and accuracy in one complete scanning solution.

Frequent Data Capture for Better Insights

Capture 3D data more frequently and comprehensively than ever before and elevate your data insights. Stay up to date with fast-paced and evolving scenarios like construction progress, enhancing decision-making and improving collaboration. Ease of use and portability make frequent data capture possible, without impacting jobsite production – a constant stream of fresh insights to transform your projects and deliverables.

10x Faster Than Other Surveying Methods

Experience unmatched speed of data capture with mobile scanning technology. Designed for rapid deployment, Orbis ensures fast and accurate data acquisition, revolutionizing your project timelines. It empowers users to capture detailed and accurate spatial data 10x faster than traditional laser scanning, accelerating workflows and ensuring you stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world.

Scanning Doesn’t Need to be Complicated

Designed with usability in mind, scanning with Orbis is as simple as pushing a button and walking with the device. It simplifies complex surveying tasks, enabling efficient data collection for a broader audience, across various industries. Expanding the opportunities for data capture in previously unobtainable places.

One Year Warranty

We design, build and test our products with quality as a top priority. Because we believe in our hardware, Orbis comes with a one-year warranty as standard. We also offer affordable extended service plans, so you can have peace of mind and prevent unexpected expenses.


Ready to see how mobile mapping solutions can benefit your projects?

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