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Man Preparing to Fly a Drone

Altohelix is a Transport Canada-compliant drone school. Our course contains 12 hours of self-paced online content and the flight review.

Created by a dedicated team of professional aviation and RPAS instructors, this course is designed to equip all prospective Advanced Pilot Certificate - RPAS candidates with the theoretical knowledge and skills to obtain their advanced certificate.

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Ever since the RPAS regulations came into effect in 2019, Altohelix has trained a significant number of firefighters, police officers and other industry professionals. Our instructors have extensive flight training experience in various spectrums in the industry, from commercial aviation flight training to military flying. Our training materials are tailored toward enterprise clients who require a high level of safety and efficiency during their operations.

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If you want to get permission for special drone flight operations, you will need to apply for a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). Our experts will help your team navigate and obtain the information necessary to get an approved SFOC. 


This course provides the fundamentals of Geospatial Science by capturing data and processing it within Pix4D photogrammetry software. It is aimed at professionals who plan on using drones. Pix4D will be used as the photogrammetry platform, a highly capable drone mapping platform with many in-depth functions.

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