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The DRS-M300 was designed for the DJI Matrice 300/350 RTK. It is connected via DJI’s onboard SDK and is compatible with all current DJI extensions and antennas. Flight parameters for failure detection are specifically adjusted for the M300/350, based on countless hours of flight data, that have gone into optimizing failure detection algorithms. Full ASTM F3322-18 tested parachute solution for the DJI M300/M350 Series. 


Full deployed within 20 meters, allowing you to fly safely at lower altitudes with confidence. The unique mechanism is triggered within milliseconds after a problem is detected by the in-house developed electronics. For safety and reliability reasons, no pyrotechnical components, metal springs or gas cartridges are used.

The parachute is never stored under pressure, for quicker inflation and safe landings even at lower altitudes. After deployment it only takes minutes to ready the system again, by either repacking or using a spare parachute, with no expendable materials that need to be replaced.


Autonomous failure detection thanks to smart electronics and software. System total weight of 490g and it is a fully autonomous system equiped with an independent IMU and electronics with no external batteries needed. With no dangerous good classification, it makes for easy transportation. 

Drone Rescue Systems M300/M350 Parachute

  • 1 x DRS-M300 System
    1 x Parachute for DJI M300

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