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DJI Matrice 3D Series | A Whole New Class of Aircraft

The all-new DJI Matrice 3D/3TD is specifically designed for DJI Dock 2.  M3D is equipped with both a tele-camera and a wide-angle camera with a mechanical shutter, meeting the needs for 1:500 high-precision mapping tasks. M3TD, outfitted with a wide-angle camera, a tele-camera, and an infrared camera, can depict both visible light and thermal images, making it suitable for security and inspection operations. 

Key Features | DJI Matrice 3D Series

DJI M3D (Built for Automated Mapping & Surveying Missions):

Wide-Angle Camera

  • 4/3 CMOS
  • 24mm format equivalent
  • 20MP effective pixels
  • Mechanical shutter

Tele Camera

  • 1/2-inch CMOS
  • ‌162mm format equivalent
  • 12MP effective pixels

DJI Matrice 3D (NA) SP

Pre-order Today
  • DJI Matrice 3D & Matrice 3TD: 

    • Aircraft x 1
    • CW Propellers (Pair) x 1
    • CCW Propellers (Pair) x 1
    • Screws & Washers 
    • Batteries and Controller are not included (can be purchased separately) 
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