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New Partnership Announcement: DroneControl

FirstResponder Arrives in Canada with Altohelix

We are thrilled to announce the Canadian launch of DroneControl FirstResponder, an innovative drone software solution that is set to revolutionize the capabilities of emergency services in partnership with the leading drone solution provider Altohelix. Developed with the expert input of first responder pilots and key market partners, DroneControl FirstResponder provides secure live streaming and remote control to improve incident response and protect lives.

This cutting-edge software empowers command center personnel to take flight control of drones using virtual joysticks compatible with touch, mouse, or gamepad inputs. It also allows for precise control of camera gimbals, ensuring that vital information is captured and relayed in real-time. DroneControl FirstResponder is a robust upgrade from the DJI Pilot 2 app, providing identical functionality but with additional features for the emergencyservices such as integration with what3words.

Security is paramount in emergency response scenarios, which is why our software employs Peer-to- Peer encryption. This ensures highly-secure, real-time video streaming and audio feeds from the incident scene to the command center and on-site first responders, a vital feature for swift and

informed decision-making.

We are proud to launch with Altohelix, a leader in Canadian drone training, service, and DJI hardware supply. Altohelix is renowned for its expertise and is a trusted partner for numerous professional clients across Canada. With their comprehensive offerings, including Transport Canada Certification and specialized training on all DJI drones, Altohelix is instrumental in preparing first responders to utilize DroneControl FirstResponder effectively.

Thomas Ingold CEO of DroneControl stated “We are delighted to have Altohelix represent us in Canada, their customer centric focus and expertise makes them the ideal partner to launch DroneControl FirstResponder. We are excited to see our solution help to improve incident response and protect lives with the Canadian emergency services”

Joey Detoro, VP Operations at Altohelix also commented “We are very excited to be entering into a partnership with DroneControl FirstResponder to offer their full solution live streaming software to our first responder clients. After doing extensive research of the market, we identified DroneControl FirstResponder as one of the market leaders for RPAS live streaming software. The integration of what3words in particular is a game changer for search and rescue operations. We are looking forward to applying this solution to improve deployments for our emergency services clients”

As we introduce DroneControl FirstResponder to the Canadian market, we invite the emergency services and potential partners to see how this platform can be integrated into their operations to enhance efficiency, safety, and response times.

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