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Drone Hardware

We are your premier source for top-tier drone hardware, including the latest offerings from DJI Enterprise and a range of industry-leading payloads. Our commitment to excellence means that we provide cutting-edge solutions for professional and industrial applications.

Mobile Laser Scanners 

We are an authorized dealer for Faro handheld 3D scanners. Powered by GeoSLAM’s proprietary SLAM algorithm, it’s the evolutionary step for industry professionals looking to provide highly accurate deliverables faster, reduce human error and magnify overall efficiency.

Drone Training

Since 2016 we have provided professional drone training to thousands of RPAS pilots. As a Transport Canada compliant RPAS ground school, providing advanced and speciality training across a spectrum of industries. 

Public Safety Sector's Most Trusted Partner



Built Tough. Works Smart. 
DJI is the world's leading manufacturer of drones and aerial photography systems, providing cutting-edge technology that allows users to create stunning, professional-quality footage from the skies. With a wide range of products including consumer drones, professional aerial imaging systems, and accessories, DJI has something to suit every need.


Built on Experience, Proven by Success

Our team at Altohelix has been at the forefront of aerial technology, providing complete training, product, and service solutions to our many clients. Our record shows that we provide the most trusted solutions, in both the public safety and private sectors. Our focus is not solely products, but to provide you the best solutions; your success is our success.

Our staff is what makes Altohelix stand out amongst other companies. Several decades of combined experience, consisting of experts in aviation, megaproject construction, and project management. We understand the future of this industry, let us help you.


A Market leader in SLAM

For anyone involved in the acquisition of geospatial data, SLAM(simultaneous localization and mapping) is a complete game-changer. With a SLAM mobile mapping system,  it’s possible to simply walk through an environment, building a digital map as you go. 

The SLAM technology used in FARO products is continually enhanced and developed to ensure it is robust, reliable and optimized for different capture environments.

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