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Altohelix is at the forefront of Drone Technology

Mapping (Photogrammetry)

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Aerial Surveying


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Land Development

Photogrammetry, a subset of Remote Sensing, uses a camera payload to collect hundreds to thousands of images in order to reconstruct and map (3D and 2D) a point of interest with a significant level of detail and accuracy. With the advancement of drone technology, our survey experts can collect vast amounts of aerial data quickly, reducing risks and project costs compared to traditional methods. Geographical Information System (GIS) Analysts and other geospatial professionals routinely facilitate the integration of photogrammetric and conventional survey data, making it easy to place the photogrammetric models. Here at Altohelix, our experts can help you deliver high-quality aerial services for your project needs.


Aerial LiDAR (light detection and ranging) involves utilizing a laser scanner in an aircraft to measure and collect large swaths of 3D data, known as "point clouds", of the landscape below the aircraft. As LiDAR is an active system, compared to the passive photogrammetry system, LiDAR can work in low lighting conditions and doesn’t rely on external or optimal lighting environments. A unique feature of LiDAR is that it can penetrate dense canopies of trees, enabling the ability to capture the ground unseen from above, thereby creating accurate terrain models in forested areas. 


30 years ago, LiDAR systems were about the size of your fridge and can only achieve 5-10cm of absolute accuracy. The advancement in technology over the years has made payloads for aerial LiDAR considerably more accurate (sub-centimetre) while being smaller and light enough to put on a commercial-size drone. Our experts at Altohelix can help deliver high-quality aerial services for your project needs.


Construction LiDAR


Utilities/ Inspection




Thermal Imaging

While digital RGB cameras utilize visible light to create imagery, thermal cameras use the physics of thermal radiation, where thermal energy (heat) is the primary source of radiation energy to produce images. Thermal energy is represented by a spectrum of colours to represent different temperatures within the image. 

Due to its unique attributes to seeing thermal energy, thermal cameras can excel in low to no light or visibility conditions. In these situations, thermal cameras can peer through thick smoke or low lighting conditions as the sensor doesn't rely on visible light to operate. Alternatively, thermal cameras allow us to see what isn't normally seen with the naked eye, such as overheating solar panels or transformers. 

Advancements in thermal camera technology have enabled us to provide the ability to better support our clients' needs for inspections and monitoring services from the skies. Here at Altohelix, our experts have been able to help our clients turn day-long projects into minutes. 


Asset Thermal Inspection


Solar Farm Thermal Inspection

Asset inspection

Asset inspections and structural surveys can sometimes be challenging; visually inspecting difficult-to-reach structures has traditionally been an expensive and dangerous to execute, requiring lifts, cranes, or rope access work. Here at Altohelix, our licensed and insured pilot experts can significantly reduce the risk and provide a higher quality of work without site disruption or other expensive and complicated methods. Our team offers a live feed of the inspection process, capturing critical data for your asset.

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Aerial Photography and Videography

Why limit your production to ground-based photography and videos? At Altohelix, we can operate drones to capture high-quality videos and photos for your production needs. Being able to get up close or capture a unique perspective from the sky is our specialty.

We have the capabilities and expertise to fly in restricted airspace, over public walkways, roadways, people, and other unique environments safely and legally. Whether capturing an entire demolition or photos and videos for real estate,  Altohelix has the licensed unmanned aerial experts you can count on.


Project Update

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