Altohelix Enterprise Consulting

Best In-Class Enterprise Drone Program Consulting

how we help your company

To help your organization to extend your capabilities through proper usage and adoption of drone technologies.
We provide program development, implementation, training and maintenance

  1. Approved training to meet Transport Canada requirements for drone operations certificates and licensing
  2. Adoption of best practices for operations: Development of Standard Operating Procedures and Operations manual
  3. Program maintenance and regulatory compliance – procedures, skills and knowledge currency
  4. Choosing the right drone: selection, testing, training

SFOC Consulting

Getting Special Flight Operations Certification to operate Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (Drones)

  • We assist you in preparing the right SFOC application to meeting Transport Canada requirements and work with Transport Canada to get the appropriate SFOC

Special Flight Operations Certificates

For operations that still require SFOCs, Altohelix can provide you with the consulting, guidance and training, to help with application to Transport Canada.

An SFOC gives you permission to operate your drone outside the rules for a specific purpose.

You need this certificate in the following cases:

  • You want to fly your drone outside the rules for basic or advanced operations
  • Your drone weighs over 25 kilograms
  • You are not a Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada or a corporation incorporated by or under the laws of Canada or a province
  • You want to fly your drone carrying dangerous or hazardous payloads (e.g. chemicals)
  • You want to fly at a special aviation event or an advertised event
  • You want to fly more than five drones at the same time